Gordon Ramsay Singapore Menu

Bread Street Kitchen stands as a beacon of British-European culinary excellence in Singapore. Spearheaded by the renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, this restaurant merges traditional flavors with modern flair, offering a dining experience that’s both authentic and innovative.

Location and Ambience

Located at 01-81, 2 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018972, Bread Street Kitchen is more than just a place to eat; it’s a destination. The restaurant’s ambiance is a blend of contemporary chic and comfortable elegance, making it perfect for a casual brunch, a business lunch, or a romantic dinner.

Culinary Delights: The Menu

Signature Dishes

  • Cottage Pie: A heartwarming classic, cooked to perfection.
  • Fish and Chips: Crispy, golden, and served with a delightful twist.
  • Beef Wellington: A Ramsay specialty, this dish is the epitome of fine dining.
  • Roasted Cod: A lighter option, but no less tantalizing.
  • BSK Beef Burger: A gourmet burger that stands out in taste and presentation.

Sunday Roast

An unmissable weekend treat, the Sunday Roast features three classic options:

  • Roast Chicken
  • Impressive Pork Rack Each served with all the traditional trimmings.

Drinks to Complement

To elevate your dining experience, Bread Street Kitchen boasts a selection of exquisite cocktails:

  • Tipsy Grinch
  • Pure Passion
  • BSK Old Fashioned

Opening Hours

Bread Street Kitchen welcomes guests all week, catering to various dining preferences:

  • Monday to Sunday
  • Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner

Estimated Pricing Chart

Embark on a gastronomic journey at Bread Street Kitchen in Singapore, where the genius of Gordon Ramsay meets the richness of British-European cuisine. Below is an estimated pricing chart for some of the signature dishes and drinks offered at this culinary haven.

ItemEstimated Price (SGD)
Cottage Pie$25 – $35
Fish and Chips$20 – $30
Beef Wellington$45 – $55
Roasted Cod$30 – $40
BSK Beef Burger$25 – $35
Sunday Roast$30 – $45
Tipsy Grinch$18 – $24
Pure Passion$18 – $24
BSK Old Fashioned$20 – $26

Please note that these prices are estimates and may vary. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing, it is recommended to contact Bread Street Kitchen directly or visit their website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the signature dishes at Bread Street Kitchen in Singapore?

Bread Street Kitchen, a Gordon Ramsay restaurant in Singapore, is renowned for its traditional British-European fare. The signature dishes that stand out on their menu include:

  • Cottage Pie: A comforting British classic, perfectly seasoned and baked to a golden finish.
  • Fish and Chips: A staple of British cuisine, featuring crispy battered fish paired with golden fries.
  • Beef Wellington: A luxurious and flavorful dish showcasing perfectly cooked beef wrapped in a delicate pastry.
  • Roasted Cod: A lighter option for seafood lovers, offering a delicate taste and flaky texture.
  • BSK Beef Burger: A gourmet burger, combining quality ingredients for an unforgettable taste.

2. Does Bread Street Kitchen in Singapore offer vegetarian options?

Yes, Bread Street Kitchen caters to a variety of dietary preferences, including vegetarian options. While their menu is primarily known for its meat and seafood dishes, they also offer a selection of vegetarian-friendly meals. These options bring the same level of culinary expertise and flavor that Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants are known for. It’s always a good idea to check the current menu or inquire with the restaurant for the latest vegetarian offerings.

3. What is the price range for dishes at Bread Street Kitchen in Singapore?

The price range at Bread Street Kitchen varies depending on the dish. Generally, you can expect:

  • Starters and Salads: SGD $15 – $30
  • Main Courses: SGD $25 – $55, with premium dishes like Beef Wellington being on the higher end of the scale.
  • Desserts: SGD $10 – $20
  • Cocktails and Drinks: SGD $18 – $26 These prices are estimated and subject to change. For the most accurate and current pricing, it’s advisable to refer to the restaurant’s official menu or contact them directly.

Note: The information provided is based on the menu and offerings available as of my last update and may have changed since.


Bread Street Kitchen is more than just a Gordon Ramsay restaurant; it’s a culinary journey that celebrates the best of British-European fare. Whether you’re a local food enthusiast or a traveler seeking a memorable dining experience, this gem at Marina Bay Sands is a must-visit. With its inviting ambiance, exquisite menu, and impeccable service, Bread Street Kitchen is poised to tantalize your taste buds and leave you longing for more.

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