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TWG Tea, the iconic tea salon known for its exceptional selection of teas, also offers a culinary experience that’s as delightful as its teas. This post delves into the exquisite menu at TWG Tea in Singapore, where tea is not just a beverage but an integral part of every dish.

Singapore Breakfast Tea Ice Cream

Imagine a blend of green and black teas, infused with the warmth of vanilla and an assortment of spices. That’s what you get with the Singapore Breakfast Tea Ice Cream. Available in single, double, or triple scoops, this ice cream is a perfect treat for those looking to indulge in something uniquely flavorful and refreshing.


For a touch of French elegance, try the Viennoiseries at TWG Tea. This light and flaky pastry is a delightful accompaniment to your tea. Served with TWG Tea jelly and a dollop of whipped cream, it’s a simple yet sophisticated choice. The menu also features savory options like Eggs Benedict, Croque Salmon, and Truffle Croque, each adding its own twist to the classic tea-time experience.

Singapore Laksa Risotto

A true masterpiece of fusion cuisine, the Singapore Laksa Risotto is a testament to TWG Tea’s culinary innovation. This dish blends the spicy, aromatic flavors of traditional Singaporean laksa with creamy, perfectly cooked risotto. Topped with pan-seared barramundi, tiger prawns, fishball, and calamari, it’s a hearty and satisfying dish that beautifully marries local flavors with international culinary techniques.

Vanilla Bourbon Tea

A signature blend that perfectly encapsulates the essence of TWG Tea, the Vanilla Bourbon Tea is a luxurious combination of green and black teas enriched with vanilla and spices. With its rich notes of black tea, bergamot, and chocolate, this tea is a sensory delight, perfect for any time of the day.

Pricing Chart for TWG Tea in Singapore (Estimated)

Menu ItemEstimated Price Range (SGD)
Singapore Breakfast Tea Ice CreamSingle Scoop: $6 – $8<br>Double Scoop: $11 – $14<br>Triple Scoop: $15 – $18
Viennoiseries$10 – $15 per set
Singapore Laksa Risotto$20 – $30
Vanilla Bourbon Tea$8 – $12 per cup

Note: These prices are hypothetical estimates and should be used as a general guide only. Actual prices may vary, and it’s recommended to check the latest menu at the TWG Tea location you plan to visit for current pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Different Types of Tea Available at TWG in Singapore?

TWG Tea offers an extensive selection of teas, each with its unique flavor profile and characteristics. The types of tea you might find include:

  • Black Teas: Renowned for their robust flavors and ability to pair well with milk and sugar. TWG’s selection often includes classic blends like English Breakfast and Earl Grey, as well as more unique single-origin teas.
  • Green Teas: Known for their delicate flavors and health benefits. Expect to find traditional varieties like Japanese Sencha and Chinese Longjing, alongside TWG’s exclusive blends.
  • White Teas: These are the most delicate teas, often with a subtle and refined flavor. Silver Needle and White Peony are popular choices.
  • Oolong Teas: With a diverse range of flavors that can be either more akin to green or black teas. Look for famous types like Tieguanyin or Da Hong Pao.
  • Herbal and Fruit Teas: Caffeine-free options that are perfect for relaxation. These might include chamomile, rooibos, and various fruit-infused blends.
  • Specialty Blends: TWG is known for its creative and luxurious blends that often combine different types of teas with exotic spices and fragrances.

What Are the Breakfast Options at TWG in Singapore?

TWG in Singapore typically offers a range of breakfast options that cater to both traditional and contemporary tastes, such as:

  • Traditional Breakfast Sets: Often include classic dishes like eggs benedict, omelets, or pancakes, all served with a choice of TWG teas.
  • Local Delights: Dishes that infuse local flavors, like Singapore Laksa Risotto or Kaya Toast, paired with tea.
  • Healthy Choices: Options for health-conscious diners, such as yogurt with granola, fruit platters, or avocado toast.
  • Viennoiseries and Pastries: Freshly baked croissants, danishes, and other pastries, often served with TWG’s signature tea-infused jams and spreads.

What Are the Dessert Options at TWG in Singapore?

TWG offers a range of exquisite desserts, many of which incorporate tea into their ingredients, such as:

  • Tea-Infused Cakes and Pastries: Expect to find unique creations like Matcha Sponge Cake, Earl Grey Chocolate Mousse, or Jasmine Tea-Infused Panna Cotta.
  • Classic Desserts: TWG also serves classics like crème brûlée, tiramisu, or cheesecake, often with a twist of tea infusion.
  • Ice Creams and Sorbets: These are a specialty, with flavors like Singapore Breakfast Tea Ice Cream, offering a refreshing end to your meal.
  • Seasonal Specials: Keep an eye out for limited-time dessert offerings that reflect seasonal ingredients and tea blends.

Final Thoughts

TWG Tea in Singapore isn’t just about enjoying a cup of tea; it’s an immersive experience where each dish tells a story, each sip takes you on a journey. Whether you’re in for a light snack or a full meal, the menu at TWG Tea promises to be a delightful exploration of flavors, all inspired by the world of tea. Remember to check the latest menu for the most current offerings and prices. Enjoy your culinary journey at TWG Tea!

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