Popeyes Singapore Menu

Embark on a flavorful adventure with Popeyes in Singapore, where the essence of Louisiana cooking is brought to life. Renowned for its delectable and budget-friendly chicken dishes, Popeyes offers a diverse range of menu items, from Cajun fried chicken to savory seafood, all infused with the unique American cuisine of Louisiana.

Menu Highlights

Popeyes’ menu in Singapore is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Louisiana, featuring a blend of carefully selected spices and seasonings. Some of the standout dishes include:

  • Surf & Turf Pasta Platter: Dive into a delightful mix of seafood and meat with this platter, priced at S$12.40.
  • Chicken Pasta Platter: A hearty meal of chicken and pasta, this dish is a steal at S$12.90.
  • Cajun Burger Combo: Experience the spicy and savory flavors of Louisiana with this combo for just S$9.50.
  • Chicken Sandwich Options: Choose from a variety of chicken sandwiches, each promising a burst of flavors.

Family Meals and Signature Sides

Popeyes in Singapore also caters to family gatherings and group meals with its family meal options. Complement these meals with signature sides like mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and Cajun fries to complete your dining experience.

Beverages and Desserts

No meal is complete without a sweet note. Indulge in a selection of desserts and pair your meal with a refreshing beverage from their extensive drinks menu.

Locations Across Singapore

With multiple locations across Singapore, Popeyes makes it convenient for you to savor these delicious offerings. Each outlet encapsulates the vibrant spirit of Louisiana, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

Menu and Prices at a Glance

Menu ItemDescriptionPrice (S$)
Surf & Turf Pasta PlatterSeafood and meat blend12.40
Chicken Pasta PlatterHearty chicken and pasta12.90
Cajun Burger ComboSpicy and savory burger9.50
Chicken SandwichesVariety of optionsVaries

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is included in the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Set in Singapore?

The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Set in Singapore typically includes:

  • A Signature Chicken Sandwich: A juicy, crispy chicken fillet served on a soft bun with your choice of toppings and sauces.
  • Sides: The set often comes with a side, such as Cajun fries or mashed potatoes.
  • A Beverage: Complete your meal with a refreshing drink from their selection.

Please note that the contents of the set may vary slightly based on promotions or seasonal offerings.

2. What are the most popular items on Popeyes Singapore’s menu?

Popeyes Singapore boasts a variety of crowd-pleasers, but some of the most popular items include:

  • Cajun Fried Chicken: Renowned for its crispy texture and rich flavors.
  • Chicken Tenders: Perfectly seasoned and tender, these are a hit among all age groups.
  • Chicken Sandwiches: A variety of options available, each packed with unique flavors.
  • Signature Sides: Items like Cajun fries, mashed potatoes, and coleslaw complement the main dishes beautifully.

These favorites are loved for their authentic Louisiana taste and high-quality ingredients.

3. What are the opening hours of Popeyes outlets in Singapore?

The opening hours of Popeyes outlets in Singapore can vary depending on the location. Generally, most outlets operate within these hours:

  • Weekdays: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Weekends and Public Holidays: May have extended or reduced hours.

It’s always a good idea to check the specific opening hours of the outlet you plan to visit, either through the Popeyes Singapore website or by contacting the outlet directly.


Popeyes in Singapore is more than just a fast-food restaurant; it’s a culinary destination that offers a taste of Louisiana’s rich flavors and cooking traditions. Whether you’re craving a quick bite or planning a family meal, Popeyes’ varied menu and affordable prices make it an ideal choice for any occasion.

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