Lantern Bar Singapore Menu

The Lantern Rooftop Bar offers a unique blend of gourmet snacks, exquisite drinks, and an ambiance that combines urban sophistication with a relaxed vibe. This gem, part of the Fullerton Bay Hotel, is more than just a bar; it’s a destination for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

A Culinary Journey Through Snacks and Spirits

Gourmet Snacks to Whet Your Appetite

The Lantern’s menu is a carefully curated selection of snacks that cater to varied palates. Highlights include:

  • Philly Steak Sandwich: A classic American favorite with a gourmet twist.
  • Wagyu Beef Short Rib: For those who savor the richness of premium beef.
  • Cheese and Garlic Fries: A perfect blend of cheesy goodness and garlic zest.
  • French Fries with Parmesan, Garlic Chips, and Spring Onion: A sophisticated take on the humble french fry.
  • Asian Herbs Gambas: A delightful offering featuring tiger prawn, garlic, and dry chili – a nod to the local flavors.

Spirits and More

  • Champagnes and Wines: A selection that ranges from sparkling to full-bodied options.
  • Signature Cocktails: Each cocktail is a masterpiece, crafted to perfection.

Ambiance and Entertainment

The Lantern isn’t just about food and drinks; it’s an experience. The dress code is semi-casual, striking the perfect balance between comfort and style. The bar operates during specific hours and is known for its resident DJ performances from Wednesday to Saturday, adding to the lively atmosphere.

Pricing and Policies

While the full menu and prices are available on the official websites of the Fullerton Bay Hotel and Quandoo, and the Baitong Hotel, it’s important to note that prices are subject to service charge and prevailing government taxes. The bar has a reservation guarantee policy, and it’s recommended to use credit cards over debit or prepaid cards for transactions.

Estimated Prices Chart

ItemEstimated Price (SGD)
Philly Steak Sandwich$25
Wagyu Beef Short Rib$35
Cheese and Garlic Fries$15
French Fries with Parmesan, Garlic Chips, and Spring Onion$18
Asian Herbs Gambas (Tiger Prawn)$30
Glass of Champagne$22
Signature Cocktail$20

Remember, these prices are purely speculative and should be used as a rough guide. The actual prices might vary and are subject to service charges and government taxes. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, checking the official sources is always the best option.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the signature cocktails at The Lantern Rooftop Bar?

The Lantern Rooftop Bar is renowned for its array of signature cocktails that tantalize the taste buds. While the specific offerings may change seasonally, guests can expect a mix of classic favorites and innovative creations. These cocktails often feature a blend of premium spirits, fresh ingredients, and unique flavor combinations, reflecting both international trends and local tastes. To discover the latest signature cocktails, it’s recommended to check the bar’s current menu or visit their official website.

2. What are the vegetarian options on The Lantern Bar’s menu?

The Lantern Rooftop Bar caters to a diverse clientele, including those who prefer vegetarian cuisine. The menu typically includes a variety of vegetarian-friendly snacks and dishes. Options may range from gourmet salads and vegetarian sandwiches to creatively prepared vegetable-based appetizers. For the most current vegetarian offerings, guests are advised to refer to the latest menu available online or inquire directly with the bar for the day’s special vegetarian options.

3. What is the dress code for The Lantern Rooftop Bar?

The Lantern Rooftop Bar maintains a semi-casual dress code, ensuring a comfortable yet stylish atmosphere. This means that while casual wear is acceptable, it should be neat and presentable. Guests are encouraged to avoid overly casual attire such as flip-flops, athletic wear, or overly revealing clothing. The semi-casual dress code strikes a balance, allowing guests to enjoy their evening in a setting that’s both relaxed and refined.


The Lantern Rooftop Bar is more than just a spot to grab a drink. It’s a place where the ambiance, gourmet offerings, and stunning views come together to create unforgettable evenings. Whether you’re there for a casual snack or a night out, The Lantern promises an experience that’s as exquisite as it is enjoyable.

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