Genki Sushi Menu Singapore

Genki Sushi is a renowned Japanese restaurant chain that has captivated the hearts of food lovers in Singapore. Known for its wide array of sushi dishes and traditional Japanese cuisine, Genki Sushi offers a delightful dining experience. Let’s dive into their menu and explore the culinary treats they have to offer.


Start your meal with a bang! The appetizer section boasts exquisite options:

  • Amaebi Sashimi (Sweet Shrimp)
  • Kajiki Sashimi (Swordfish Belly)
  • Hamachi Sashimi (Yellowtail)
  • Maguro Sashimi

Each of these selections promises a fresh and authentic taste, setting the stage for an unforgettable meal.


  • Mini Salmon Avo Mentai Don: A bowl filled with flavors and textures, perfect for a hearty appetite.


A versatile choice for noodle lovers, Genki Sushi’s noodle menu includes:

  • Hanjuku Egg
  • Zara Soba Cold
  • Kake Udon
  • Maze Soba
  • Kitsune Udon
  • Beef Udon
  • Ebi Tempura Udon

These noodle dishes range from light and refreshing to rich and savory, catering to every palate.

Aburi Sushi

Experience sushi with a twist – the fish is lightly seared, enhancing its flavor and texture.

Sushi Sashimi

Featuring a selection of sushi dishes made with the freshest and highest quality fish.


Enjoy the handroll sushi delights, wrapped in crisp nori seaweed.


Explore various sushi rolls, combining rice, seaweed, and a plethora of fillings.

Nigiri Sushi

A classic sushi option, with individual portions of sushi rice topped with a slice of fish.

Side Dishes

Enhance your meal with a variety of side dishes like miso soup and gyoza.

Drinks & Desserts

Complete your meal with a selection of beverages and desserts, including green tea, fruit juices, and Japanese-inspired cakes.

Popular Dishes

Some of the must-try dishes at Genki Sushi Singapore include:

  • Cheese Tobikko Ebi Roll
  • Tamago Maki
  • Lobster Salad Roll
  • Soft Shell Crab Roll
  • Tekka Maki

Locations and Delivery

Find Genki Sushi in various shopping malls and centers across Singapore, each with its unique ambiance and opening hours. For those preferring to enjoy their sushi at home, Genki Sushi offers delivery through platforms like Foodpanda and Oddle Eats.

Menu Prices

CategoryDishEstimated Price (SGD)
AppetizersAmaebi Sashimi$12.00
Kajiki Sashimi$14.00
Hamachi Sashimi$16.00
Maguro Sashimi$14.00
DonburiMini Salmon Avo Mentai Don$18.00
NoodlesHanjuku Egg$10.00
Zara Soba Cold$12.00
Kake Udon$10.00
Maze Soba$13.00
Kitsune Udon$11.00
Beef Udon$15.00
Ebi Tempura Udon$16.00
Aburi SushiVaries$15.00 – $20.00
Sushi SashimiSelection$20.00 – $30.00
TemakiVaries$8.00 – $12.00
MakimonoVaries$10.00 – $15.00
Nigiri SushiIndividual Pieces$2.50 – $4.00 per piece
Side DishesMiso Soup, Gyoza, etc.$5.00 – $10.00
Drinks & DessertsGreen Tea, Fruit Juices, Cakes$3.00 – $7.00
Popular DishesCheese Tobikko Ebi Roll, etc.$12.00 – $18.00

This chart provides a general idea of what to expect in terms of pricing at Genki Sushi Singapore. The actual prices may vary slightly based on the specific location and current menu offerings. It’s always a good idea to check the latest menu or contact the restaurant directly for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular dishes at Genki Sushi Singapore?

A: Among the myriad of delightful options, some of the most popular dishes at Genki Sushi Singapore include:

  • Cheese Tobikko Ebi Roll: A fusion of creamy cheese and shrimp, topped with tobiko.
  • Tamago Maki: A classic favorite, featuring sweet egg rolled in sushi rice and seaweed.
  • Lobster Salad Roll: A luxurious choice, combining the rich flavors of lobster with fresh salad.
  • Soft Shell Crab Roll: Crispy and flavorful, a must-try for crab lovers.
  • Tekka Maki: Simple yet satisfying, featuring fresh tuna.

Q: Does Genki Sushi Singapore offer vegetarian options?

A: Yes, Genki Sushi Singapore caters to various dietary preferences, including vegetarian options. While the traditional menu focuses on seafood and meat, there are vegetarian-friendly dishes available, such as vegetable sushi rolls and salads. It’s advisable to inquire at the restaurant for the latest vegetarian options.

Q: Are there any promotions or discounts available at Genki Sushi Singapore?

A: Genki Sushi Singapore often runs promotions and discounts, especially during special occasions, holidays, or through their membership programs. It’s recommended to follow their official website or social media channels for the latest deals and offers. Additionally, diners can sometimes find exclusive discounts through third-party food delivery services.


Genki Sushi Singapore stands as a stellar representation of authentic Japanese cuisine in the heart of Singapore. With its extensive menu ranging from fresh sashimi and aburi sushi to heartwarming bowls of udon and flavorful donburi, there is something to satisfy every palate. The estimated pricing chart provides a helpful guide for planning your dining experience, offering a range of options to suit various budgets.

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