Canadian Pizza Menu Singapore

Welcome to the world of Canadian Pizza, where a slice of heaven awaits you right here in Singapore! Known for our unique fusion of classic and Singaporean flavors, we’re more than just a pizza place; we’re an experience. Let’s dive into our menu that promises to tantalize your taste buds and explore the special deals that make our offerings even more irresistible.

The Fusion Menu

At Canadian Pizza, our menu is a reflection of the cultural melting pot that Singapore is. From the lush gardens to the bustling street markets, our pizzas capture the essence of these experiences. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Garden Veggie: A tribute to nature’s bounty, this pizza is loaded with fresh, crisp veggies. It’s like a salad on a pizza base!
  • BBQ Chicken Bonanza: For the lovers of a good barbecue, this pizza combines smoky chicken with a rich, tangy sauce.
  • Chicken Bacon Cheeseburger: A crossover between a classic burger and a pizza – this one’s for those who love their meat.
  • Cheesy Sausage: A simple yet indulgent choice, featuring juicy sausages draped in layers of melting cheese.
  • Hawaiian Classic: A timeless favorite with the sweetness of pineapple balancing the savoriness of ham.
  • Mexican Fiesta: This pizza is a party on a plate, with bold flavors and a spicy kick.


We believe that great food should be accessible to everyone. Our pricing is as diverse as our menu, catering to various budgets:

  • Garden Veggie: S$19.30
  • BBQ Chicken Bonanza: S$24.50
  • Chicken Bacon Cheeseburger: S$26.40
  • Cheesy Sausage: S$22.30
  • Hawaiian Classic: S$21.20
  • Mexican Fiesta: S$32.40

Special Offers

Who doesn’t love a good deal? At Canadian Pizza, we frequently roll out special offers to give you more value:

  • 2-for-1 Deals: On select pizzas, get two for the price of one. Perfect for sharing with friends and family!

Ordering Made Easy

Craving a slice already? You can view our complete menu and place orders for delivery or pickup through our website or various food delivery platforms. Whether it’s a cozy night in or a big gathering, we’ve got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the unique Singaporean flavors offered by Canadian Pizza?

Canadian Pizza takes pride in blending the rich culinary heritage of Singapore with our classic pizza recipes. Some of our unique Singaporean-influenced flavors include:

  • Chilli Crab Pizza: A nod to Singapore’s iconic dish, this pizza combines sweet and spicy chilli crab sauce with succulent crab meat.
  • Hainanese Chicken Pizza: Inspired by the beloved Hainanese chicken rice, this pizza features tender chicken pieces, fragrant rice-flavored sauce, and a sprinkle of fresh coriander.
  • Satay Pizza: Infusing the flavors of the popular street food, this pizza is topped with marinated satay chicken, peanut sauce, and a hint of cucumber and onion.

These flavors are a celebration of Singapore’s diverse food culture, bringing a local twist to the global love for pizza.

2. What is the price range of Canadian Pizza in Singapore?

At Canadian Pizza, we offer a variety of pizzas catering to different taste preferences and budgets. Our prices range from:

  • Economy Pizzas: Starting from S$19.30.
  • Premium Pizzas: Going up to S$32.40.

This range ensures that there’s a pizza for every budget, without compromising on quality and taste.

3. What are the delivery options for Canadian Pizza in Singapore?

To ensure that you can enjoy our pizzas from the comfort of your home or office, we offer multiple delivery options:

  • Online Ordering: Place your order directly through our website for a seamless experience.
  • Food Delivery Platforms: We are partnered with various food delivery platforms in Singapore, making it convenient to order from your preferred app.
  • Call-and-Order: Prefer a traditional approach? Simply give us a call, and we’ll take your order over the phone for delivery.


At Canadian Pizza, we’re committed to bringing you a delightful culinary journey with every slice. From classic flavors to unique Singaporean twists, our menu is designed to please every palate. So why wait? Dive into a world of flavors with Canadian Pizza today!

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