Baristart Coffee Singapore Menu

Baristart Coffee holds a special place for those who appreciate a touch of Hokkaido in their daily cup. This popular cafe, renowned for its dedication to Hokkaido milk, offers a menu that is both delightful and intriguing. Let’s dive into their offerings.

Drinks: A Journey in Flavors

At Baristart Coffee, every sip tells a story. Their drinks menu is a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation.

  • Latte: A classic, made richer with the creaminess of Hokkaido milk. (Price: $1)
  • Strawberry Milk Shake (Iced): A refreshing blend of sweet strawberries and milk. (Price: $2)
  • Mixed Berries Yoghurt Smoothie (Cold): A tangy and sweet treat for the senses. (Price: $2)
  • Homemade Lemonade (Iced): Fresh and zesty, perfect for Singapore’s climate. (Price: $2)
  • Lemonade Soda (Iced): A fizzy twist on the classic lemonade. (Price: $2)
  • Coca Cola 250ml: The beloved soda, always a good choice. (Price: $2)
  • Matcha Latte (Hot): Earthy and soothing, with a creamy finish. (Price: $4)
  • Espresso: Bold and intense, for the true coffee aficionado. (Price: $4)
  • Flat White / Latte / Cappuccino (8oz): Your choice of classic coffee drinks. (Price: $4)
  • Cold Brew: Smooth, cold, and invigorating. (Price: $4)
  • Baristart Special Coffee – Black or White: A signature blend that showcases the best of Hokkaido and coffee. (Price: $5)

Food: Hokkaido on a Plate

Baristart doesn’t just stop at drinks. Their food menu is a journey through Hokkaido’s culinary delights.

  1. Obihiro Butadon: A flavorful pork bowl that’s a staple in Hokkaido. (Price: $3)
  2. Tonkatsu Sando: A sandwich that perfectly balances crispy pork with soft bread. (Price: $3)
  3. Cream Puff: A must-try, filled with luscious cream. (Price: $3)
  4. Sandwich – Tonkatsu Sando: Another take on the classic Tonkatsu sandwich. (Price: $3)
  5. Pasta – Hokkaido Carbonara: Creamy, cheesy, and utterly satisfying. (Price: $3)
  6. Rice Bowl – Obihiro Butadon: A delightful mix of flavors and textures. (Price: $3)
  7. Oyakodon: A comforting bowl of chicken and egg over rice. (Price: $3)
  8. Rice: Simple yet essential, the perfect side. (Price: $3)

Why Hokkaido Milk?

The cornerstone of Baristart Coffee’s unique offerings is Hokkaido milk. Renowned for its richness and sweetness, this milk transforms every coffee and dessert into an extraordinary experience. Whether it’s in a latte, a creamy carbonara, or the filling of their signature cream puff, the Hokkaido milk elevates the taste to new heights.

Visit for the Latest

The charm of Baristart Coffee extends beyond its menu. It’s a slice of Hokkaido in the heart of Singapore, where every dish and drink is crafted with care. However, to experience the most current offerings, it’s always best to visit their website or contact the cafe directly, as prices and availability are subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Hokkaido Flavors Available at Baristart Coffee?

Baristart Coffee is renowned for incorporating authentic Hokkaido flavors into its menu. Some of the standout Hokkaido-inspired offerings include:

  • Hokkaido Milk: Used in various drinks, this rich and creamy milk is a key ingredient that sets their beverages apart.
  • Matcha Latte: Made with high-quality matcha, this latte offers a taste of traditional Japanese flavors.
  • Cream Puff: Filled with a luscious cream made from Hokkaido milk, it’s a true taste of the region’s dairy prowess.
  • Hokkaido Carbonara: A pasta dish that combines the richness of Hokkaido cream and cheese.
  • Baristart Special Coffee: A unique blend that reflects the coffee culture of Hokkaido.

What are the Signature Items on the Baristart Coffee Menu?

Baristart Coffee has several signature items that are favorites among customers. These include:

  • Baristart Special Coffee: Available in both black and white, this coffee is a testament to Baristart’s expertise.
  • Cream Puff: A must-try dessert that perfectly showcases the richness of Hokkaido milk.
  • Obihiro Butadon: A savory pork bowl that is both filling and flavorful.
  • Hokkaido Carbonara: A creamy pasta dish that is both comforting and indulgent.
  • Matcha Latte: A soothing and aromatic beverage for matcha lovers.

Does Baristart Coffee Offer Delivery and Pickup Services?

Yes, Baristart Coffee offers both delivery and pickup services. This allows you to enjoy their delicious offerings from the comfort of your home or office. To avail of these services, you can check their website or use popular food delivery platforms available in Singapore. It’s a convenient way to savor the tastes of Hokkaido without stepping out.

Final Thoughts

Baristart Coffee offers more than just food and drinks; it offers an experience. It’s where the simplicity of a cup of coffee or a meal is transformed into an extraordinary culinary journey. Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast, a lover of Japanese cuisine, or simply in search of a pleasant dining experience, Baristart Coffee in Singapore is a destination that shouldn’t be missed.

Remember, for the most current and accurate information regarding their menu and prices, it’s best to visit their website or contact them directly. Enjoy the unique flavors and the warm, inviting atmosphere that Baristart Coffee has to offer.

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